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6 Simple Ways to Take Better Care of Your Mind and Body

Keeping your mind and body healthy doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are some small things you can do every day to take better care of yourself.

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When your regular routines get disrupted, you risk losing habits that keep your mind and body healthy. Keeping your physical health is important right now, and studies have shown regular physical activity and exercise help boost your immune system.

In times of change and transition, managing mental health is important in helping us bring our best selves to all areas of life. 

To keep these aspects of yourself healthy, try to keep up daily habits that nurture your body and mind. For your mental health, do your best to take frequent breaks and pauses during work and find other activities beyond work that bring you joy, like hobbies or entertainment.

To keep your body well-cared for, focus on regular hygiene, physical activity and restful sleep. Small actions can have a big impact on your overall well-being. 


Easy ways to take care of your body and mind


1. Take stock of what you’re eating

We’ve been hearing a lot about the Corona 15 as many of us are indoors with more access to food and less access to exercise. Taking a record of your food intake doesn’t have to be about weight loss—it can help you reflect on your diet and see if you’re getting the right amount of nutrients. Try your best to focus on balancing your food groups and savouring your meals every day. 


2. Do one thing you love every day

Make time for the things you love. As gyms, malls, and movie theatres are closed, the spaces we used to visit for pleasure may not be accessible anymore and we may be spending more time working. Break up your monotonous workday with something positive that brings you joy. 


3. Make your bed, brush your teeth, and practice daily hygiene habits

Ok, these are three things in one, but these small hygiene and cleanliness habits make a big difference. By doing them every day, you keep your body physically healthy and clean, and your mind free and clear of clutter. 


4. Have a call/meeting with someone once a week that isn’t about work

It’s a great time to remember that work isn’t everything, and our value isn’t defined by our careers. If you’re spending too much facetime with your colleagues talking shop, try to find some time every week to chat with a friend or coworker about topics that aren’t work. Connect with the important people to find your purpose and worth beyond your job. 


5. Put the phone face-down during dinner

Set specific times to unplug so you’re not always tethered to your phone. The dining table is a great place to connect with loved ones but it’s also easy to get caught up in emails and messages coming through during mealtime. By putting your phone away during dinner, you’re able to unplug and refocus on the important stuff. 


6. Set a bedtime routine (and stick to it)

Sleep has a big impact on your mental health – and a good bedtime routine can help you sleep restfully and wake up feeling refreshed. Setting a strict bedtime and routine will help you sleep faster and stay sleeping longer. 

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