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Tips for Finding Work-Life Balance

North Americans are working more now than ever. If you’re looking for some ways to bring balance back to your personal and professional life, keep reading.

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For many of us, we will be moving toward week 8 of working remotely. At this point, you may find yourself feeling anxious, unmotivated, stressed out, and fatigued. If you’re finding that the new workday at home is throwing off your work-life balance, you’re not alone

North Americans are working more now than ever, and a number of stressors are contributing to our feelings of anxiety. A recent survey of Canadians conducted by the Angus Reid Forum revealed that 50% of Canadians say that their mental health has deteriorated since the start of COVID-19. This could be a result of the longer working day, along with the added burden of childcare, feeling the effects of isolation, job loss, or even boredom. Not being able to turn to our usual stress-alleviators (the gym, friends’ places, parks, cafes, worship sites, etc.) can contribute to worsening mental health as well. 

If you’re looking for some ways to bring balance back to your personal and professional life, keep reading.

Allow yourself to have work-life balance

Don’t forget: you’re allowed to have work-life balance, especially during a global pandemic. If you’re finding it difficult to take yourself out of the zone, here are two ways to create a healthy separation: 

  1. Create distinct spaces for working – creating “room” for work physically also ensures that your mind isn’t focused on work when you’re elsewhere in your home. 
  2. Find your routine again. If you’re sleeping at crazy hours or feeling extra tired, try recreating your old routine. Set a schedule that you’d follow even if you weren’t working from home so you can still do all the activities you enjoy, such as cooking dinner or taking lunch breaks. If you used to go to the gym before or after work, find time to work that in as well. Most importantly, stick to your bedtimes, so you are getting enough rest. 

Unplug and get outside

Now that we’re working from our own laptops and mobile devices, it’s easy to always stay connected. However, make sure you’re taking time to unplug. Schedule in “unplugged” time in your evenings and weekends, so you can step away from your mobile devices and focus on being present. 

Take advantage of the better weather by stepping outside and getting some fresh air with a loved one who lives with you. Physical exercise and time spent outdoors can also help clear your head. Remember, make sure you’re respecting social distancing or stay-home orders in your area!

Stay connected with the people who matter

Relationships with our loved ones are more important than ever. Whether it’s over dinner or right before bed or first thing in the morning, talk to your friends and families about how you feel and how you’re coping. If you used to see friends every week and are feeling their absence, set up recurring video calls/phone calls so you can still work that time in everyone’s schedules. 

A friendly reminder: you’re not alone! We’re all in this together. Come back to your League app frequently to see our offerings to help you get through this time. Find quick wellness tips on your homepage, free content weekly, and health programs like Mental Wellness to help manage your mental health. 

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