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Focus on your most important health goals with our top guidance, tips, programs and more.

A person hugging themself and smiling.
Member Stories

Health Programs for a Summer of Self-Care

Summertime is the right time (for self-care). Small habits can add up to big-time changes in your health. These popular Health Programs will give you a daily dose of advice...

A person walking through a forest.
Member Stories

Six Health Benefits of Spending More Time in Nature

On average, North Americans will spend a whopping 93% of their entire lives indoors. With smartphone and screen use at an all-time high, this growing disconnect from our natural world...

A person writing on paper, near a piggy bank.
Member Stories

How to Ease Financial Anxiety With an Easy Budget

Money is emotional. A lack of financial control can lead to shame, avoidance and fear. Starting a straightforward budget is the first step to showing your wallet who’s boss, helping...

two people embrace and stare off into the distance
Member Stories

Why Empathy Is the Antidote to Toxic Positivity

Positive thinking can be too much of a good thing. Ignoring emotions and giving immediate advice isn’t just dismissive, it can actively harm the people you love. Learning how to...

person staring down at their book.
Member Stories

The ABCs of SAD

Seasonal depression is much more than just the winter blues. Recent research shows that Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is more complex than we first thought. Building preventive habits, recognizing symptoms,...

three people are hugging with smiles on their faces.
Member Stories

How to Build Healthy, Long-Lasting Relationships

Our lives are full of all kinds of connections: friends, family, co-workers, your favorite barista. Tending to all your bonds can be serious work. So why do it? Solid relationships...

A group of people are all smiling and in deep conversation at a table filled with food.
Member Stories

The Powerful Pleasures of Intuitive Eating

It’s time to ditch the “diet” and get a taste of intuitive eating. The key ingredient is mindfulness, focusing on a judgment-free, loving relationship with eating and your body. Food...

person writing in their notebook.
Member Stories

How to Set Mindful, Meaningful Goals for 2022

Resolutions don’t work. An all-or-nothing approach sets you up to feel like a failure. Instead, a gentler mindset can help you create attainable, values-driven goals that can add up to...

person smiling with a hand over their heart.
Member Stories

The Habits Behind Happiness

Happiness doesn’t just happen. (Ok, sometimes it does.) Feeling happier in your day-to-day life isn’t just an emotion. It plays a crucial role in your overall health and wellbeing. Science-backed...

a married couple linking arms and holding shopping bags as they walk down a street
Member Stories

How to Ease Holiday Stress

All that merry-making can actually be pretty stress-inducing. We don’t all experience the holiday season the same way. Here’s how to treat yourself with awareness, self-compassion and extra care so...

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