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The Benefits of Staying Active at Home

At the best of times, working out is good for you. But in stressful times, it’s even better. Being isolated, like so many of us are right now, can create extra tension and stress. Even short bursts of exercise can help release energy, relieve stress and improve your mood.

A person doing yoga stretches on a yoga mat on the ground.

Regular physical activity can also help boost your immune system, rid your lungs of bacteria (reducing your chance of getting colds or the flu), and boost your white blood cells and antibodies, the cells we need to fight off disease. It’s just what the doctor ordered. If physical activity isn’t challenging for you to do, there’s no better time than now to make it part of your daily routine.

Ways to stay active during isolation
  1. Make space
    Create a designated fitness space. Having your own mini “gym” is a good way to feel in control of your workouts. Keep the space clutter-free. It’ll help clear your mind so it’s easier to focus on how your body feels. 
  2. Make time
    Block off time in your schedule. If it’s in your calendar, you’ve always got the time to do a workout. 
  3. Open a window
    Let the fresh air in (if possible). It’s a great way to feel awake and energized. Bonus: it’s a great boost to your air quality, too. 
  4. Connect with others
    Find a buddy to keep you accountable or join a workout challenge with friends, family, or coworkers. Even virtually, it’s a great way to help combat feelings of loneliness.
  5. Don’t force it
    Go easy on yourself. Workouts should be enjoyable and treated as a mental break. If it’s too difficult, don’t push it. You can always try again tomorrow.
Our top picks for home workouts

Ready to get active? Here are some of our top picks to get you started. Switch it up. We recommend rotating your workouts to get the full-body benefits and keep things interesting. Don’t forget to also check your favorite gyms’ social media accounts to see what they’re offering for at-home workouts – it’s a great way to stay in touch with your instructors and feel like you’re working out with others in class.

Peloton app 90-day free trial
Get the Peloton app and stream their online classes for free. 

Fit Factory Instagram bodyweight fitness workouts
Tune in to IG Live to take your fitness to the next level.

Daily Burn + theSkimm 60-day free trial
Stream 1,000+ workouts taught by expert, certified trainers.

Blogilates 14-day Quarantine Workout Plan
Small-space-friendly workouts for cardio, abs, legs and booty.

Free Lululemon yoga videos
Over a dozen videos taught by Global Yoga Ambassadors. 

Free legs and glutes fitness video
Boost your feel-good neurotransmitters while you work your glutes.

Beverly Cheng’s At Home Back Workout
Born to Sweat’s fitness coach Beverly Cheng created this at-home workout for your back for increased strength and better posture.

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