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Focus on your most important health goals with our top guidance, tips, programs and more.

A gingerbread cookie lying flat on the snow.
Member Stories

Healthier Ways to Mindfully Indulge Over the Holidays

Treating yourself is a big part of holiday celebrations for lots of us. How you think about rewarding yourself can be just as important as what you actually do. These...

A small bottle of a COVID-19 vaccine
Member Stories

Answers to Your Top Questions About COVID-19 Vaccines

A lot of exciting details have emerged recently about potential COVID-19 vaccines. We’ve all got questions about what this means for ourselves, our families and the on-going pandemic. Here are...

A hand holding up a phone on a video call with family members
Member Stories

How to Handle the Holidays During COVID-19

We know the holidays are going to be a whole lot different this year. Whether you’ll be alone or together, from near or far, here’s how to plan ahead for...

Person leaning back against a tree with closed eyes.
Member Stories

The Realities of Resilience

We hear a lot about resilience and its importance to mental health and well-being. Here’s a breakdown of what personal resilience is, why it matters and how you can build...

A person using a glucose meter on their finger to check blood sugar levels.
Member Stories

A Guide to Managing Type 2 Diabetes

Building healthier habits while living with diabetes is key to taking charge of your overall health and feeling your best. These top tips will tell you everything you need to...

A person lying down on a couch
Member Stories

Simple Ways to Ease the Physical Symptoms of Anxiety

Our physical and mental health are deeply connected. When we recognize the symptoms of stress and anxiety in our bodies before our minds, we’ve got a chance to physically soothe...

A person sits on the ledge of a building staring out at the city
Member Stories

Impostor Syndrome Wants You to Fail. Here’s How to Stop It.

There’s a limit to your limiting beliefs. Impostor Syndrome is so damaging because it undermines your confidence in all of your decisions. There are research-backed strategies you can use every...

Medical worker putting on protective blue gloves
Member Stories

The Growing Importance of Asymptomatic COVID-19 Testing

The latest research shows “silent spreaders” are more common than we first thought. More comprehensive COVID-19 testing for people without obvious symptoms is key to identifying who is positive so...

A person having a flu vaccine injected in their upper arm
Member Stories

Why Getting a Flu Shot Is Crucial During COVID-19

Flu season is coming to North America. Experts say getting an influenza vaccination this year is more important than ever — and one of the best things you can do...

A closed metal lock attached to the back of a smartphone
Member Stories

How League Keeps Your Data Safe and Secure

Your health is personal, so your data is, too. We use your info to make sure that League gives you the most relevant, customized ways for you to reach the...

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