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Focus on your most important health goals with our top guidance, tips, programs and more.

A child seated on the ground with his head down hugging his knees
Member Stories

How Adults Can Cope With the Life-Long Effects of Childhood Bullying

Bullying can have profound, complex mental health impacts that we carry with us from childhood into our adult lives. Without even realizing it, experiences of being bullied can affect your...

a purple clay model of the intestine.
Member Stories

How to Take Better Care of the “Second Brain” in Your Gut

You are what you eat. Your gastrointestinal health connects deeply with every aspect of your physical and mental well-being. Your nutrition and digestion have a direct impact not only on...

three pairs of feet are sticking outside of the blanket as a family lies in their bed together.
Member Stories

The Superpower of Healthier Sleep

The importance of quality sleep is equal to nutrition and exercise for overall health. Yet 1 in 3 North Americans is sleep-deprived and the toll on our physical and mental...

two halves of a grapefruit placed side-by-side.
Member Stories

Natural Ways to Balance Estrogen and Help Prevent Breast Cancer

Too often we talk about breast cancer in terms of life expectancy, with statistics that leave women and people with breasts feeling helpless and afraid. Diet and lifestyle changes can...

a hand holding a red paper heart
Member Stories

How to Monitor and Manage Women’s Unique Heart Disease Risks

Heart disease is the #1 cause of premature death in women in North America. Despite that, studies show only half of women are even aware of the problem. Knowing the...

a piece of broccoli standing on its stem
Member Stories

7 Lifestyle Tips to Help Prevent Cancer

Some risks for diseases, like family history, are out of your control. Your lifestyle and everyday habits are things you can take charge of to help fight inflammation and reduce...

A person in running shoes walking up stairs
Member Stories

A Beginner’s Guide to Managing a Healthier Weight

Reaching and maintaining a healthier body weight is one of the most important things you can do to live happier. Whether you’re living with a chronic condition like diabetes or...

Photograph of the word No painted in yellow on an asphalt street
Member Stories

The Necessity of “No”

When it comes to how you invest your time in the things that matter most to you, quality is more important than quantity. As we move forward from a pandemic,...

A journal and pencils
Member Stories

A Guide to Setting Realistic Goals in 2021

Resolutions don’t work. Even in a regular year, an all or nothing approach sets you up to fail. During the pandemic, a fresh mindset can help you create smaller, healthier,...

An image of a drinking glass filled with clear liquid
Member Stories

Dry January: How to Plan to Drink Less Alcohol

The start of a brand new year is a popular time to reset and recover from the holidays. Rather than thinking of Dry January as a time to “detox,” follow...

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