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Focus on your most important health goals with our top guidance, tips, programs and more.

Person using a wheelchair looking at their smartphone
Member Stories

How to Get the Most From Your Health Benefits

Your benefits only benefit you if you know how to get everything you can from them. Follow these top tips to maximize your benefits and hit the health goals that...

A happy face painted onto a sidewalk
Member Stories

The Positive Side of Negative Self-Talk

There’s good news and there’s bad news. The bad news is that you’re probably thinking negatively about yourself way more than you realize. The good news is that the first...

A group of medical professionals walking down a hallway
Member Stories

How We Can Fix Racial Disparities in Healthcare

Health is a fundamental human right for all. Yet our experiences accessing healthcare are greatly impacted by race. Across North America, BIPOC people face systemic racist barriers that make it...

person is seated next to a city street and is looking at their hands with a look of concern on their face.
Member Stories

Systemic Racism Is a Public Mental Health Crisis

The chronic stress of living in a racialized world results in higher mental health disorder rates in BIPOC people. At the same time, systemic barriers make it more challenging for...

Two people sit in an office typing on their laptops
Member Stories

The Human Cost of the Racial Employment Gap

In our workplaces, structural racism makes it difficult for BIPOC people to access opportunities, earn a fair wage and improve their quality of life. It’s been this way for decades...

Person sits with arms behind head staring out a window
Member Stories

How to Unplug From Technology and Ease Stress

Technology has incredible power to help us live better. But used mindlessly it can also deplete our attention and make us feel lonelier. Here are eight steps to pull the...

A doctor's stethoscope sitting on a table
Member Stories

The Life-Threatening Connections Between Race and Physical Health

Our existing healthcare systems are failing BIPOC communities. Their physical well-being is disproportionately put at increased risk every day. To create true health equity, we need to own up to...

A person wearing work-out attire, sitting on the ground with a big smile on their face.
Member Stories

How to Reboot Your Fitness Routine This Summer

Physical activity is crucial for maintaining a healthy body and mind. Here’s how to reboot your active routine for the summer – even if gyms are closed.

Two people in a hallway smiling at each other
Member Stories

The Importance of Health Equity and How We Can Work to Achieve It

Have you heard of “health equity?” Chances are, you haven’t, but you’ve experienced the effects of it—either positively or negatively. Equal access to healthcare is known as health equity. And...

person cooking healthy food at the stove in their kitchen.
Member Stories

How to Add Healthier Foods into Your Daily Meals

It's easy to fall off track with your diet and nutrition, especially in times of stress and disruption. Even small positive changes can make a big difference. Here's how to...

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