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7 fun ways to get outside and get moving this fall

With another long, cold winter right around the corner, northerners are gearing up to, well, gear down. And can you blame us? Shorter days, below-zero temperatures, ice, snow and slush… Sometimes it’s just easier to stay indoors. But...

With another long, cold winter right around the corner, northerners are gearing up to, well, gear down. And can you blame us? Shorter days, below-zero temperatures, ice, snow and slush… Sometimes it’s just easier to stay indoors.

But good news, you don’t need to go into full-on hibernation mode just yet! There’s no time like the present to get outdoors and GET ACTIVE. Just remember that ol’ Jack Frost likes to appear when you least expect him, so maximize your time outdoors while autumn is still here.

Read on for 7 outside-of-the-box ways to get outside and get active this autumn…

1. Fill up your Instagram feed with fall foliage. Go for a long walk in the woods, or head out for a high-intensity hike to get your adrenaline pumping. (And don’t forget to snap some shots to share on social media!) If you’re on the lookout for some epic trails, check out the Adventure Junkies list of the 12 best hikes in North America.

2. Try yoga with a view. What could be more zen than lugging your yoga mat outdoors to get your stretch on while surrounded by beautiful falling leaves? Consider upping your game by timing your yoga session with the sunrise or sunset — and you’ll benefit from movement and mindfulness at the same time. Ohm!

3. Let the season move you. There’s no better way to take in those stunning fall colors than to do it while apple picking or pumpkin harvesting. That’s right, you can have your fall activity… and eat it too! Spending an afternoon at an orchard or farmer’s market is a great way to get moving in the crisp, fall air.

4. Go stargazing. Choose a clear autumn night to walk around your neighborhood or local park, and look up — look way, way up. Stargazing is a perfect excuse to get outside, enjoy the cool, crisp air, and get moving. Want to go all out? Turn it into a stargazing scavenger hunt with your astronomy-obsessed buddy, your hot date, or with the kids.

5. Give yourself permission to play. Whether you have kids or not, letting your inner child out is a great way to burn some calories, and boost mental energy. Grab a football or frisbee, meet up at the basketball court, or buy a skipping rope and get hopping! Get outside and get moving in fresh air – your body and mind will thank you for it.

6. Start a fall leaf collection. Grab a basket, head to your nearest park or forested area, and start looking for the biggest, most vibrant, most beautiful fall leaves around. While it’s certainly a fun activity to do with young kids, you certainly don’t need to be a parent to take part. Buy yourself a scrapbook and let your inner artist go wild. Once the leaves have been nicely pressed, try out these fall leaf craft ideas. You get to exercise your body, then your mind, with this one. It’s win-win!

7. Do some spring cleaning — in the fall. Doing a major cleaning can kill as many calories as it does germs. So what are you waiting for? Rake those leaves, clean out that closet, organize the garage, or tend to the balcony garden before everything is covered in snow. Or, give your car a good wash while it’s still warm enough to get your hands wet outside.

Workout ideas for homebodies

If hibernation mode has already hit, that’s okay! You can still get active from the comfort of your own home. These easy exercises are simple enough to do while watching your favorite TV show. Or, if you prefer not to multitask, check out this short and sweet Beginner Barre Workout for even the busiest of schedules. Got kids? You’ll love these 12 workout ideas that’ll keep them entertained AND get them moving. 12 workouts. Two birds. One stone. So there you have it. Fall is so much more than cozying up with a book and a pumpkin spiced latte. While we love a good excuse to slow down, that doesn’t mean we have to stop moving altogether. So why not use these 7+ ideas to get active this autumn, and enjoy the season before your motivation is buried under three feet of snow?

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