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Best kept secrets for your healthiest summer yet

The lazy days of summer are finally here. But do our days really have to be lazy for summer to be great? We say: No way! Sure, hotter days can make us feel like curling up on our...

The lazy days of summer are finally here. But do our days really have to be lazy for summer to be great?
We say: No way! Sure, hotter days can make us feel like curling up on our air-conditioned sofa. Or siesta-ing the summer away.

But there are other ways to beat the heat… without becoming the next Great Couch Potato.

From what you eat to what you put on your skin, here’s what you need to make Summer 2019 your healthiest, best summer yet!


With BBQ season in full swing, we aren’t here to tell you what you shouldn’t eat this summer, but instead what you should. Mostly because we sweat more in hotter months, and excessive sweating makes it harder to stay hydrated. Plus, we lose important nutrients, like potassium when we sweat. 

With that in mind, we recommend adding these delicious and refreshing foods to your list of healthy summer snacks

  • Bananas – A perfectly portable snack that is high in potassium, you can take these guys with you on the boat, to a picnic, or on a hike no cooler or freezer packs necessary!
  • Watermelon – We all know this juicy pink fruit keeps us hydrated, but did you know it has an array of other health benefits, including protecting our skin against sun damage? (You can thank lycopene for that!)
  • The other melons – Cantaloupe and honeydew melons are refreshing, delicious, and are also high in potassium.
  • Oranges – A good source of hydration and high in potassium, this everyday fruit is a much healthier alternative to orange juice (which is much higher in sugar content).
  • Cucumbers – Similar to oranges, you can munch on cucumbers to keep hydrated. Plus, they’re also high in potassium. Win-win!
  • Leafy greens – Salads are a great choice for those who like to eat light in the summer. Even better, most of the green veggies we throw into the mix are heavy in potassium, making salads an even healthier choice.
  • Iced (green) tea – Tired of drinking water all summer long? Put your green tea on ice to stay hydrated, plus enjoy a plethora of other health benefits while you’re at it.
  • Celery juice – Finally, you can opt for a juice to quench your thirst… without worrying about all the sugar! Plus, celery is a diuretic that helps flush all the bad stuff from your body without causing dehydration. Score!


While summer is the ideal time to get outside to get moving, not everyone enjoys working out under the hot summer sun. If you prefer to stay chill while you get your sweat on, you may want to consider water-based activities until fall hits. Or you may just want to stay indoors. Whatever the case, here are some cool ways to get active no matter how hot the temperature.

  • Water sports – The best way to say cool while exercising outdoors? In the water. From deep water running (which is 90% easier on your joints than regular running), to boga (yoga… on a board… in the water), to stand-up paddleboarding (it’s tougher than it sounds!), there are lots of water workouts making a splash (see what we did there?) this summer. 
  • Personalized workouts – If you aren’t one to workout outside no matter the season or temperature, the home fitness revolution may be for you (see #5). Perhaps you prefer shorter workouts (thank you, HIIT!), or need a completely customized workout routine to get motivated (Aaptiv is an app that helps you enjoy your workout by making it allll about you, with great music to boot!). In short, there’s something for everyone and every season this summer! 


We all know that the great outdoors is a natural mood booster. So do your mental health a favor this month: Get outside! Even better, do it with purpose. Not sure where to start? Read on…

  • Outdoor meditation – Take two things that are good for your mental health and put them together. What have you got? Meditating outside. Whether you find the perfect spot to do your favourite yoga poses or engage in walking meditations on your way to or from work, you’ve got to admit, this is a two-for-one deal for your mind.
  • Nature retreats – The perfect opportunity to withdraw from the stress of city life, work, or even family obligations, nature retreats allow you the time, space, and distance to sit back, breathe and simply be. Whether you spend your time in nature hiking, meditating, or reflecting, there’s no doubt a retreat into the wilderness is good for the soul.


And no, we aren’t talking about that oily patch that comes with the humidity. We’re talking about a healthy glow that is a direct result of truly taking care of your skin. Here are some of the best-kept secrets of 2019…

  • Foods with flavonoids – Flavonoids come in many shapes and sizes and have numerous health benefits, one of which includes enhancing our skin’s appearance and texture. These skin boosting plant chemicals help minimize our skin’s sensitivity to light, so it’s especially important to incorporate them into our diet in the summer months. Luckily, berries are a great source of flavonoids and a perfect summer snack!
  • Lip service – We all know to wear sunscreen on our bodies, but what about our lips? They can also be affected by skin cancer, so it’s important to wear a lip balm that contains SPF. Not to mention there’s a whole slew of new wellness products for lips lip masks, oils, and scrubs to start do a search on Sephora to see we aren’t kidding!
  • Get dirty – Check the ingredients on your face products. If they don’t contain something like clay or yes snail mucin, it may be time to consider getting your face a little dirty… to get that ‘I just stepped out of the shower’ glow. Ironic? Sure. Advice to follow? Absolutely.
  • Face fitness – If you’re going for a youthful glow, face workouts were created as a gentler alternative to invasive surgeries or painful injections. If you aren’t convinced that a “face gym” or face yoga will do the job, test it out with a facial roller to see if you get any results. (The word is still not out on this one, so you tell us how it goes!)

From foods that help you beat the heat to workouts that help you stay cool despite rising temperatures, there are many ways to keep fit and healthy this summer. Dive in!


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