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From walking to running: 13 minutes in 30 days

If the only time you run is to catch the bus, League’s new Walk-to-Run program for beginners is for you! Why? Because it’s attainable and progressive. Meaning you’ll slowly work your way up to 13 minutes of running...

League's Walk-to-Run program

If the only time you run is to catch the bus, League’s new Walk-to-Run program for beginners is for you! Why? Because it’s attainable and progressive. Meaning you’ll slowly work your way up to 13 minutes of running over the course of 30 days.

Developed by Aaptiv’s fitness experts, this program is an awesome way to get some exercise in, get your heart rate up, and get fitwithout overexerting yourself. Once jogging has become a regular part of your routine, you’ll find there are even more benefits to hitting the pavement.

Not only is jogging an inexpensive workout, but it’s also easy to squeeze into even the busiest of schedules. Jogging can also help prevent disease, increase life expectancy, and is an effective way to reduce stress.

Commenting on a recent study, Chief Cardiologist Peter Schnohr said “The results of our research allow us to definitively answer the question of whether jogging is good for your health. We can say with certainty that regular jogging increases longevity. The good news is that you don’t actually need to do that much to reap the benefits.”

How much of a time commitment will this program be?

While you won’t be expected to jog for 13 minutes straight until the 30 days are up, do make sure to reserve time in your schedule each day. We recommend taking a moment to review what’s coming up the night before, so you can be sure you’ve set aside the right chunk of time.

While one task might take you less than five minutes to complete, the following day might require a full 30 minutes. So be prepared.

What can I expect, week to week?

Days 1-10

The first 10 days will be about building endurance. No need to fearyou’ll be doing a lot more walking than running to start. In order to prepare you for the latter half of the program, we’ve included challenges that will help you build and strengthen your muscles, and boost your cardio too. We’ve also weaved some injury-preventing stretches into the first week, so that you’ll be ready to up your game.

Days 11-20

Once you’re 10 days in, you’ll notice you’re beginning to push yourself a little more. You’ll be jogging with fewer breaks and at a faster pace. Stretching will help you improve your stability, balance, and range of motion. All in the name of preparing you for your final stretch.

Days 21-30

The last 10 days will be focused on strengthening your heart, muscles, and lungs. Make sure to enjoy your break days, and stretch to alleviate any tightness in your body. Remember to think about how far you’ve come and how much you’ve accomplished. You’ll be more than ready for your 13-minute jog. You’ve got this!

How can I be sure this program will work for me?

So what’s the deal? Why are we so certain you’ll be able to jog for 13 minutes straight by program’s end? Well, because a lot of thought went into this program, and it’s crafted in a way that is attainable for beginners who want to reach their goal.

Here’s why it works:

We’re encouraging you to start at a slow pace

Starting slow helps condition your body for the tougher challenges to come. Not only that, but it’s another way to make the seemingly impossible possible. Yes, we’re talking about realistic, attainable goals again. And we know how difficult it can be to up your pace and your time all at once.

We’ve woven strength training into your daily challenges

This sort of training helps improve stability, control and coordination – all helpful as you work towards boosting your performance each week. By strengthening your muscles and your connective tissue, your body will become more durable, more adaptable, and less at risk of injury.

We’ve incorporated rest days with a focus on body rejuvenation

On rest days you will dedicate your time to stretching out crucial muscle areas to keep yourself limber and mobile. This stretching will keep your body flexible so that your muscles and joints will be at their fullest range of motion. Rest days will also give you time to pause and reflect on your amazing progress.

Feeling pumped and ready to get your run on? Let’s get started.

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